Tulsa Great Books Program

A Hybrid homeschool Day Program based in the Great Books

We are rooted in Truth

In this life we begin to discover the great truth and goodness of God by two principle means: education, and inspiration in which the Holy Spirit makes use of the Seven Gifts given to us at our Baptism, especially the Gifts of Wisdom and Understanding, Counsel and Knowledge.


What We Offer


The Tulsa Great Books Program for Catholic High School Homeschoolers is a supplemental hybrid program which introduces students to the Classics of Western Civilization in Literature, History (Secular and Ecclesial), Philosophy, Theology, Latin, and Music Theory. We offer a four-year program with a Greek Year, Roman Year, Medieval Year, and Modern Year. 



Like good food nourishes a healthy body, good words and thought nourish a healthy soul and mind. We read the best.


Discussion and prayer lead our students through analysis into the deeper understanding that requires both the heart and the head.


Through the study of the full range of the classical liberal arts, participants in the Great Books Program are ready to live a fully human life of virtue and integrity.

A Few of our Great Books

Our Latin Program

We believe the study of Latin is of great importance, and it is offered in all four years of our program. Latin is the fundamental language of Western Civilization. It is the official language of the Roman Catholic Church, and the official version of all Church documents are recorded in Latin. Though the modern Novus Ordo Mass is usually translated into vernacular languages around the world, Latin remains the official liturgical language of the Roman Rite. Latin is the language of Gregorian chant and the sacred polyphonic music of composers such as Léonin, Palestrina, and Victoria. Some of the greatest world literature was written in Latin, as we find in authors such as Virgil, Ovid, and Horace, whose writings we study in our literature program.

Mens eo ipso imago Dei est quo eius capax es

Our Tutors

William Dunn earned his B.A. in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College in 1997. While a student there he was received into the Roman Catholic Church. Immediately following graduation , he spent a year in the advanced Latin Program . . . (continue)
William Dunn | Tutor & Cofounder
Tulsa Great Books Program
Marion Williams received her university education in her native Germany at the University of Osnabrück where she majored in Special Education and minored in Music. She has had a long career in teaching both German and Latin in colleges and universities around the country . . . (continue)